What To Note About Brick Prices

Brick is the best choice for an ever-impressing timeless house exterior. For a good quality brick siding installed on a 2,000 square feet house, you’re likely to incur between 15254.40 AUD and 27966.40 AUD.

Brick is in a position of maintaining its value over time in the case where it is combined with other materials or used alone to clad the entire house.

Yes, the initial process is quite expensive, but the brick is the best option since it is highly durable, requires low maintenance, and creates a long-lasting siding that will remain to look stunning for decades. It is even in a position of lasting well over a hundred years.

You’ll realise that there is a high demand for a house cladded with a brick. When selling it, the buyers will be even ready to top up several dollars because the house is brick.

Mostly, the prices for siding bricks varies greatly depending on the colour, type of brick, material quality, manufacturing process, and many more.

On average, face bricks are likely to cost between 2.49 and 4.53 AUD.per square foot installed. For 1,000 bricks, you’re likely to incur a cost ranging between 432.21 and 1080.52 AUD. As per the information from most people, they spend between 635.60 and 762.72 AUD for 1,000 bricks.

For the case of wall installation, an average of 7 bricks is needed per square foot. Also, you need to note that a single pallet of bricks comprises 510 pieces.

The brick made through a mould, also known as the extruded brick, is the most common and the least expensive product in the market. The costly ones are the handmade bricks and the sand moulded ones.

Other than this, the brick’s colour impacts the price at a greater deal. Here, you should note that the final colour of the brick depends on how it was fired.

The ones fired mechanically in the commercial kilns are sold at relatively low prices, but they feature bland and limited colour options. For those bricks fired in the beehive kilns by old school, they produce the richest and unique colours. As a result, these bricks are sold at relatively high prices.

Another thing affecting the price of the bricks is the different textures. This one depends on the method taken by the brick to achieve a given colour.

It is always important to note that it is not such an easy process to match a given brick colour if you’re after replacing damaged or broken pieces. In this case, it is recommended to order more bricks before installation. This is essential in ensuring that you have enough materials of the right colour, which will offer a significant use whenever you need extras.

For the structural brick featuring holes to reduce weight and saving material, it costs between 0.70 and 1.0 AUD cents each.

The brick veneer also known as the thin brick, is the most expensive option in the market whereby the prices averages between 8.90 and 10.80 AUD per square foot.

This brick measures about 0.5 inches thick and you’ll always find it in a wide variety of colours when compared with the classic full brick. Most of the people prefer using brick veneer as an accent combined with vinyl siding or fibre cement.