Our Partners

Our Endorsers and Supporters

We’re not in the habit of paying groups and organisations to support us – we believe that what we’re trying to achieve with Education Nation has the right goals and values, and that if an organisation wants to support us it’s because it shares those values. We’re therefore delighted to be able to say that Education Nation has garnered the backing and endorsement of the following groups.

Official Endorser

ASPA has evolved from an Association into a Company Limited by Guarantee. The presidents of each ASPA affiliate have a place on the ASPA Board with additional places allowed under the Constitution to bring the necessary expertise onto the Board.

We enjoy a unique partnership with the National Training Centre for Secondary School Principals (NTCSSP), which operates out of the East China Normal University in Shanghai and we signed an eight year Memorandum of Agreement in 2014 to formalise and continue this partnership.

At ASPA, we are proud of the hard work we have done – both in Australia and overseas – in developing leadership capacity in as many secondary schools as possible. This will continue to be a focus of ours as we move into the future.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high quality, government secondary education to young people no matter what their geographic, social or personal circumstances are.


Official Endorser

The Australian College of Educators (ACE) is a nationwide voice for the education profession hosting discussions such as the ACE 2016 National Symposium ‘Building a national consensus on education policy’ which brings Education Ministers together in one forum for a discussion that builds on from the successful ACE Jean Blackburn Oration delivered by Mr David Gonski in 2014.

An independent professional membership association, ACE offers a range of benefits and opportunities for educators at all stages of their career and across all sectors.

This year ACE invites exemplary educators who have made outstanding contributions to the profession to apply directly for the highly-regarded Fellowship, awarded by the College and the ACE | ASG Student Educators Writing Award – ‘Writing the future’ will once again give a pre-service teacher the opportunity to present their conference paper to a national audience.

ACE proudly presents a 2016 program of relevant and engaging national, state and regional professional development and networking events include the monthly ‘Education on the Square’ in Adelaide and the ‘Crescentia Anthony ECE Oration’ in Perth. The ACE 2016 National Conference ‘Challenges and changes: The power of education to build the world to which we aspire’ held in Sydney, will for the first time include a program of interactive presentations and workshops by young professional in the field of education.

Please visit www.austcolled.com.au to contact us for more information.


Official Endorser

ASTA is:

  • A federation of eight state and territory Science Teacher Associations (STAs).
  • The national professional association for teachers of science.
  • A powerful voice to influence policy and practice in science education.
  • A body administered by a National Secretariat in Canberra and governed by a representative Federal Council.

Founded in 1951, the Australian Science Teachers Association is a federation of Science Teachers Associations from all Australian states and territories. Its National Secretariat is based in Canberra under the charge of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Vic Dobos. ASTA has approximately 4,000 individual members including 800 primary members, and ten honorary life members.

Membership of state and territory Science Teacher Associations (STAs) includes automatic membership of ASTA. The ASTA governing body is a Federal Council. It comprises a President and Treasurer, either the Immediate Past President or the President-Elect, the Chief Executive Officer (a non-voting member) plus two representatives from each of the eight member associations. ASTA Councillors, with the exception of the Chief Executive Officer, serve in an honorary capacity. The ASTA Executive comprises the President, Treasurer, either Immediate Past President or President-Elect, and the Chief Executive Officer.

One flagship activity of professional development for the association is CONASTA, the annual conference of ASTA. The opportunity to convene CONASTA is rotated among the STAs. The CONASTA program typically provides a diversity of lectures, workshops and excursions, plus national and international keynote addresses of interest to the general and specific science educator. CONASTA is also the occasion for ASTA Council to meet and conduct most of its annual business.

The other flagship activity is the production of the ASTA National Science Week Resource eBook. This contributes to raising awareness of the value and relevance of science, technology, engineering and innovation in our daily lives to all schools across Australia. ASTA develops, promotes and disseminates a range of interesting information, resources and incentives to make it possible for schools from the remotest parts of Australia, to the metropolitan hubs to be involved in National Science Week.


Our Partners

We feel that a partnership should be something natural, something that happens when everyone agrees that you’re working towards the same common goals. Since Education Nation is about making a positive difference to the future of Australian education, we’ve made sure that the partners we’ve chosen to work with share our values. We’re privileged to work with, and have the support of, the following organisations.

official partner

Early in 2014, #aussieED was founded on the belief that all teachers and students should have unlimited access to Professional Development, on their own terms, to improve their teaching, their schools and change the lives of the students they encounter. Since then, we have embarked on a mission to reach educators, not only in Australia but all around the globe. We want to smash the barriers that prevent teachers from easily connecting and learning with each other.

To that end, we have developed a regular Ed-chat each Sunday on Twitter at #aussieED. The chat allows all teachers, leaders, administrators and those connected with education to meet on an unbiased platform and discuss the real issues that affect what happens in classrooms everywhere.

Our chats are authentic because we are real teachers walking the same walk that so many do everyday. With different topics every week and thousands of teachers to connect with, we are sure you will find what you are looking for with #aussieED! And we’re multi-platform! Check out Brett chatting to Allan Carrington about the Pedagogy Wheel…

For further details, follow the #aussieED hashtag on Twitter or visit aussieED.com The #aussieED chat is on at 8:30pm AEDT but you’ll find plenty of discussions and resources by Australian educators throughout the week. The #aussieED team is very excited to partner with Education Nation to create an awesome experience for Australian educators!

official partner

About Halogen:

The Halogen Foundation exists to inspire & influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well. The organisation that is now Halogen began by hosting youth development programs that supported the PDHPE syllabus in individual schools around NSW in the 1990’s. It was during this period, they noticed a deepening need for support of learning in the area of peer influence and leadership. Halogen ran the first National Young Leaders Day in Sydney 1997. Today, these events are remembered as a significant milestone in the lives of over 300,000 people who have attended them around Australia since. Halogen events and resources are also available in New Zealand and Singapore. For more information please visit www.halogenfoundation.org or contact australia@halogenfoundation.org

The Halogen Foundation Australia is proud to partner with Education Nation in this exciting and groundbreaking national event. The program reflects Halogen’s mission of inspiring a new generation of young leaders, and our belief in the power of student voice to create exceptional school culture. We look forward to affirming your confidence in today’s youth and exploring new ways of working together to build leadership capacity in schools.