Fleet Tracking

The field of transportation is one of the most significant sectors in our society as it facilitates the movement of people, products and services across borders and locations around the world. Imagine if there would be no logistics at all. Food and medical supplies will not be able to reach far-flung areas where the needy, sick and hungry are patiently waiting. Though there are fast and reliable options at sea or up the sky, it is more risky and expensive; thus, land transportation is the best option after all.

With so much lesson learned from history, there are also dangers or threats going by land. This is the main reason why technological breakthroughs and advanced knowledge in computers and related applications have come up with using satellites and computer networks to track and trace vehicles carrying important goods and products. With the GPS technology, even the smallest parcel can be located in no time.

An excellent means to an end

People or individuals with limited understanding will always dig the issue of privacy when in front of a camera or when exposed to any means of the surveillance system. Logistics providers install a dash cam connected online to help investigate angles of mishaps or accidents on the road. On the other hand, GPS fleet tracking allows paramedics and firefighters to locate victims and casualties after a gas explosion takes place in a very remote area. Immediate medical attention and emergency dispatch of vehicles like the ambulance can be implemented with the accurate information taken from fleet tracking applications.

An all weather and all terrain service or reception capabilities

Travelling on a long and winding road across the country can be melancholic and boring. There are instances when there is very poor to zero cellular signal; so communication by phone is not possible. Being on a dead spot means hearing only static frequencies over your vehicle’s base and handheld radios. More often, the weather can be your nemesis in getting a good signal, and if your vehicle is isolated in a secluded location, tracing and tracking your whereabouts would be futile.

Thanks to the upgraded and enhanced features of the fleet tracking by Fleet Complete, communication is as clear as if you’re just in front of the person you are talking to. Interference and interruptions in communication are no longer possible when you depend or rely on satellite signals in using the sat phone and depend on its 360-degree coverage. You and your vehicle’s activity will certainly be recorded, and in case of emergencies, search and rescue will come to you in no time.

Automatic or  automated route mapping features and enhanced last mile locator

Apart from the installed dashboard camera, cars and trucks with advanced technology use a dash map to know exactly where they are. Signals from their vehicle are transmitted also in a remote map through a wide screen computer. Forward, backward and side movements, including the number of stops made are promptly seen and recorded. Humans and vehicles placed under a tracking mode are represented by colour-coded circles of either blue or red while in transit or at a halt. It means that last signal transmission and last known location are used as a reference in locating drivers, their vehicles and the supplies they are transporting during an emergency situation.