Jetty Fenders Gold Coast- The benefits of using fenders

Fenders are used on many vessels like jetties, ferries, yachts and cargo ships. Fenders are resilient and have an ability to absorb high energy impacts. These are usually designed from foam elastomers, rubber or plastic. The one which you buy should be well suited for your boating vessel.

There are several reasons why people prefer to use plastic fenders, some of these include the following:

  • Plastic fenders are petty versatile. They come in useful for several applications. The plastic from which the fenders are designed comprise of a soft polymer which is designed with a special formulation.
  • Plastic fenders are durable and strong at the same time these have a minimal impact on your jetties. This means that it would not harm your boat in any way rather it would offer the much needed protection which boats require when moored in stormy weather or emergency situations.
  • Your boat is an expensive investment. All smart boat owners know it’s important to upkeep the vessel. Fenders on the other hand cost a fraction of your boat. Yet these are the very same equipment which can help offer good protection for your boats.
  • The color of the fenders allow these to be visible in critical situations as well.

How do jetty fenders work?

Fenders act like bumpers do on a car. These absorb the kinetic energy of any vessel which rubs against your boat. This potential to absorb the shock allows for minimal impact on the boats. Despite the high energy absorbing abilities fenders have a low reactive force. This quality allows these to be used on all sort of boating vessels.

The size of the fenders to be used on a vessel depends upon the berthing size of the vessel. Smaller boats require fewer fenders while bigger boats would require more of these. Initially fenders used to be designed form woven ropes. These are still used today by some boating vessels.

Fenders are used on ports as well. The kind of fenders used at ports are of two types. These include the fixed and floating fenders. Fixed fenders are attached to the docks or berths. On the other hand floating fenders are positioned between the docks and the ships and reduce the impact on the bot as it touches the docks.

Cylindrical fenders are considered as one of the easiest way of protecting the boats. These are also pretty economical when compared with other types of fenders. Plus these are pretty much easy to install. Arch fenders while inspired from cylindrical fenders have a better shock absorption and thus provide better protection. The shape of arch fenders allows equal distribution of shock absorption across the whole surface. However these fenders are better used for medium sized or larger ships.

There are several other kinds of fenders known as pneumatic fenders and hydra pneumatic fenders, all of these serve a different purpose. All of these absorb the shocks based on the shape and design. Tidal Fenders specialise in installing jetty fenders. Check out if any of their products fit your purpose.