How do you know that your car aircon compressor is failing?

One of the most important parts of your car’s aircon is the air compressor. This is because the car compressor plays so many roles in ensuring that the aircon runs as expected in your car. However, when the compressor of your car does not work, it means that the air conditioning system will not be pressurised and hence, the refrigerant that is supposed to be flowing will stop flowing with time. This will require you to replace the compressor so that it can run as expected. However, most of the car owners in the Gold Coast will not know when their car aircon compressor or other parts of the air conditioning systems are failing or have failed. As a car owner, it is very important when you have an understanding of how all the parts of your car works, and this means that when the air compressor of your car is failing, you should be able to detect it.

When the compressor of your car’s aircon begins to fail, there are some signs and symptoms that will enable you to know that it is failing.  In case you do not replace the air compressor when the symptoms begin to show, you will be risking the whole air conditioning system, and with time, the whole air conditioning system will also fail. To avoid this, if you realise the following symptoms in the compressor of your car’s aircon system, you should do what is expected of you.

Strange and loud noises when switching on the aircon

When you are switching the aircon of your car, there are no noises produced or generated when the compressor is in the right condition. However, when the compressor begins to fail, you will begin to hear noises that are not only loud but also strange. This is one of the warning symptoms of a failing car aircon compressor.  When you hear these sounds been generated as you switch the aircon compressor on, you should ensure that you replace the compressor since this is the first sign that the compressor shows when it is damaged even before it begins to fail.

The vents begin to produce hot air

The other symptom of a failing car compressor is the production of hot air by the vent. Once you have turned the car aircon, you will realise that the air that will be blowing is hot. This is because the refrigerant is not in a position to flow, and hence, the air will not be cooled.

Fluid leakage

With time, you will also notice that the compressor will begin leaking some fluid. This is because the compressor cannot prevent the fluid from leaking since its bearing will have worn out trying to pressurise the refrigerant.

Stationary clutch

The compressor has a clutch that moves when the engine runs off and on. However, when the compressor begins to fail, the clutch stops to move, and hence the engine that is connected to the pulley will stop moving the compressor will not get the power that it requires to run. This will make the compressor stop working with time.

It is always advisable to know how your car aircon works.If you have doubts, have your car aircon on the Gold Coast checked by a mobile electrician.