Advantages of using new exhaust technology

Car owners like to upgrade and one of the most popular is fitting a new exhaust technology to improve the horsepower. Often, the reason for the switch from the original exhaust system to a newer version is for the car owner to gain significantly in terms of car power and speed.

Yet, power and speed alone are not the only benefits gained from a new and high-performing exhaust system.

Your car’s original exhaust system to include silencers, pipework and more are instantly upgraded with the installation of new exhaust technology.

The original factory-built exhaust system installed in your car is designed to meet the engine’s power output. However, car performance can become limited once you’ve started some fine-tuning. Performance and sound are marked improvements when a new exhaust system is installed.


More BHP is generated in your car with a high-performing flowing exhaust. Powering the car depends on the quick way the engine of the car expels exhaust gasses to allow fresh air to flow in. Power in the car’s engine is achieved when the exhaust flows better.

The new exhaust technology uses varied ways to improve the performance of your car.

Turbo Car

It’s all about enhancing the exhaust’s flow-rate for turbo cars. The engine is forced-fed the right amount of air when the turbo eliminates more gas out of it.

Non-turbo car

A non-turbo engine needs gas to efficiently flow in the exhaust. This means that the car’s performance is improved when fresh air is quickly drawn to the engine as fast as the flow out of exhaust gas.


Some car owners make the sound as their top priority. The car’s sound is quickly transformed with the installation of new exhaust technology. A trademark sound is achieved by combining silencers and pipework.

Varied car sounds are achieved depending on the exhaust technology fitted to your car. Sound options range from the refined to the more boisterous.

Depending on your preference exhausts without or with silencers or resonators are options available with exhaust technology.

The difference between Resonated and Non-resonated Exhaust Systems

Installing the latest exhaust technology by Aletek in your car allows you to choose between the resonated and non-resonated models. The availability of these two options allows you to fine-tune the sounds of your exhaust.

Resonated exhaust system

The resonated exhaust system is specifically designed to cut down the sound of your engine during low engine speeds or when the car is at idle. This provides you the option to have an exhaust sound “alive” when driving fast while being quiet during normal driving times.

Non-resonated exhaust system

A straight-through pipe placed into the exhaust leads to a more boisterous sound. Having a noisy car at all times is a personal choice. However, the kind of car driving you will be doing normally might not suit the noise decibel. A noisy exhaust can be enjoyable when the car is only used for fun drives.

Your car not only gains sound and performance benefits from a new exhaust system. The addition of bright and sparkling new tailpipes sitting under the bumper ups the ante for the look of your car.

The pipes come in varied styles other than the standard glossy stainless steel model. Some of the options to have are the polished or burnt titanium, carbon-fibre, and coating of matte black ceramic.