About Education Nation

Jobs! Everyone wants one. A source of income, a place to start a career, a place to make new friends and be part of something bigger than yourself. So how can you find not just a perfect job for you but a career opportunity that will help you leave a mark on this world? Your answer is Education Nation.

I am Claudia Melvin and I came up with Education Nation to give you all the employment advice you need to help you secure that dream job. Based on my own experiences, plenty of research and insights from networking with other professionals, I will share informative content that will transform your mindset and strengthen your ability to identify and secure job opportunities. There are millions of job seekers out there who need help and I desire to play my role in making a difference in someone’s professional growth. My content is not limited by borders, whichever part of the globe you are from, there is career transforming advice for you at Education Nation.

I encourage you to be a part of this authentic conversation. My views are based on my experiences and I would very much appreciate your thoughts and your feedback.